Article-19 is proud to introduce its newest partner, with just over a month left to go for the main event. Communication Is Your Right, an international NGO that fights for the promotion and implementation of Article-19, the international declaration of human rights, by the UN in countries the world over. This is done through the signing of the petition from across the world. Not just do we, as a part of Article-19, the fest, pledge our support to the cause, but we urge you to do the same as well.

The petition is simple- urge the United Nations to ensure that peoples of the world are granted the right to Freedom of Thought and Expression. What many countries neglect could now be every man’s path to liberation, and it is all in your hands.

So reach out and sign the petition. It will take you a minute to fill it in, and less than a few minutes to read through. No hidden messages, nothing. Just your way of making the world a better place. Sign that petition and ensure that billions more the world over get the freedom to do the same. Remember, your expressing out loud can make this a free world.

Article-19 welcomes Communication Your Right with open arms. To interact with them, make sure to be in Manipal Institute of Communication between the 17th and 19th of February, 2011.

Freedom, your right! Now share it with the world! Click here!


The title says it all. A little work is still on, but it is up nevertheless.

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Article-19 is pleased to announce its first confirmed workshop this year. Meet Dhanendra Kawade, a man immersed in theatre for nearly two decades now, eager to share with you all that his experience has taught him over the years.

Having worked with the lies of Prabhat Ganguly, Gul Bardhan, B V Karanth, Alok Chatterjee, Satyabrata Raut, Anil Chapekar, Dinesh Thakur, Astad Deboo, Rahul da Cunha, Naseeruddin Shah and Makarand Deshpande, among others, this theatre exponent is skilled in designing, lighting and sound, and acting. Besides writing and direction in theatre, this owner of his own theatre company, 3rd Bell Productions, also dabbles in film and television direction. Workshops on Lighting and Set Design are his speciality.

To know more about him, click here.

To read about some of the plays by 3rd Bell productions, click here and here.

It is a great pleasure and honour to have him as a part of the event. From Team Article-19, here is a warm welcome, Sir!

New to world of Article-19? You just reached the right place. Find out what is happening this year in the country’s first ever core Communication festival! Let us get straight to the point. Read on to know all that Article-19 has in store for you this year.


Manipal Media Students’ Convention (MMSC)

Here, ideas break free from their architects as a diverse panel focuses on a single aspect of media. With panellists ranging from industry professionals to college students, this moderated discussion blends these ideas to create a better understanding of media.

Though a moderated discussion, it is best described as an ‘unconference’ with no (well, almost) ceremonial process associated with a conference.

This year MMSC discusses ‘Digital Distribution of Content’. How writing has changed from inking a paper to burning a CD. Not a conventional ‘old vs. new media’ debate but exploring contradictions like – Piracy is justified by those who cannot afford expensive CDs; while the industry jacks up prices to make up for the loss when music or any digital content is illegally released.

Alt Enter

A common thread of expression, binds Article-19 and performing arts. They are both born out of the common man’s urge for communication. Leaving conventional dance and music behind, we dedicate one evening to performing arts that cut across genres. No stifling definitions, no set dramas – simply an alternate outlet of expression in the form of performances you have never witnessed before.

Fun Fair

The festival hums a lighter tune at the fun fair. Swaying with music and backed by refreshing themes, constant chatter, vibrant attires and good food – media enthusiasts make everlasting bonds here. Go all out and unwind – for it is the festival of freedom!

Express Awards

Cheered on by friends and competitors alike – winners take stage; the satisfaction of engaging in meaningful creative expression triumphs the purpose of Article 19 at this glittering award function.

Awarding best entries from colleges across the country in genres of Print, Radio, Documentary, Short Film, Photography, Graphic Designing, Advertisement and Animation after open screenings and discussions.

Want to know which celebs you will get to meet during the fest this year? Dying to know which workshops and talks you could attend? Want to join the fight for the Express Awards? Curious to know what MIC will look like during Fun Fair? Keep coming back here everyday for all that and much much more! And remember, freedom- your right!